New decisions by Joe Biden, and the EU against Burma

The civil war in Burma, which started a few weeks ago, has taken another very dangerous turn. So the current president of the United States and the European Union have taken new decisions in the UN. In this article, you will find out how these sanctions were taken.

The degree of the war situation in Burma

For weeks now, Burma’s military junta has created civil tension in the country that has spilled over into almost every aspect of society. To this end, several politicians and leaders have been arrested and thrown into prisons. The democrats are subjected to outrages, the civilian population is killed every day. Terribly, the junta deploys automatic weapons, live ammunition against civilians demanding democracy, there are about 50 to 555 deaths and arrests. The military use guns and bombs against the democratic population.  During all this time, on Sunday there is a count of 13 people killed by live ammunition. It is in front of this atmosphere that the United States and some international authorities have taken decisions.

The decrees of Joe Biden and the EU against the Burmese junta

Because of the socio-political and economic crisis that the military junta in Burma is sowing in the country, Mr. Joe Biden and the nations of the European Union have in unanimity raised their voices. To silence this war situation in the country. The leader of the White House called the event “terrible” while the EU diplomat in Burma said that the situation is an unacceptable escalation of violence. Thus, they condemned the use of force against an unarmed population. Burma has lost international relations and trade with EU countries. The slowdown in support for the Burmese junta. The United States has stated that the democrats will not be alone in this civil war, but that the United Nations will do its best to preserve peace in the country.