Czech Republic: the death of the richest man in the helicopter

The death of an individual, let alone a great personality like Kellner, puts a whole nation in mourning. It was only on Saturday, March 27, that the population of the Czech Republic registered the death of Kellner, which will put it at half-mast for a long time. Find out in this article everything about such a death,because, this article will take care to give you plausible details about the death of the greatest man of the Czech Republic.

The fortune of Peter Kellner before his death

Kellner, whose real name was Peter Kellner, he was the wealthiest man in his nation, the Czech Republic. Indeed, he had a life full of projects and business until his death on March 27. Moreover, the businessman was 56 years old before he died.  In 2020, a magazine with the name FORBES gave an estimate of Peter's wealth at about 11.5 billion dollars. In addition, Kellner is the boss of the PPF Group, which specialises in financial stocks, biotechnology, telecommunications and real estate services. Not only are his companies worldwide, but they also have a staff of over 94,000. Kellner is the best seller of photocopiers in the world. Telenor in Europe and CME in the Balkans are for him. Peter's fortune still remains unmatched in the nation of Czechia with 11.5 billion dollars.

How did Peter Kellner die?

On March 23, Peter Kellner was travelling for the sale of his photocopiers, reason why he had taken a helicopter that during the flight crashed. Tragically, the businessman with four other businessmen died. However, the causes of the crash are not yet known. He was on his way to Alaska in order to relocate his sales to the United States. Unfortunately, he died. More clearly, the spokesman of JITKA TKODLECOVA said with deep regret that the founder and shareholder of the PPF group tragically died in a helicopter crash in Alaska on Saturday. While Peter died, his daughter was preparing for the Olympic Games.