What is a neo-bank?

Still called mobile banking, neo-banks are a reminder of how far we have come in terms of science and technology. From now on, to make financial transactions, you no longer need to go to a local bank. Everything is done online. One wonders how all this is possible, the answer is in the following.

The Neo Bank

A neo-bank is a digital bank accessible by phone from home. Thus, Neo banks come to make your life easier by simplifying all your financial transactions. Indeed, this new form of banks have for the most part no physical structures. Generally, they have no branch, no company, no ATM. From the creation to the customisation of your account, everything is done online.

Performing Financial Transactions

With today's neo-banks, you can do all your transactions online. Most have bank cards for your purchases, online shopping, bill payments and many other banking transactions. All you have to do is choose the neo-bank that suits you, download the neo-bank's app, sign up and do all your banking from your smartphone. The most common Neo banks are : N26, orange banks, hello banks, Nickel, Eko, Globe Trotter, Aumax and many others. The choice of the neo-bank that suits you is up to you even though you have to take into account its terms and conditions.

The Advantage of Neobanks

Unlike online banks, everything from setting up a neo-bank to getting a bank card is usually free. In special cases, a few euro cents are enough to create your neo-bank account. Another advantage of neo-banks is the relatively low international fees for various banking transactions. In addition, you can pay for anything you want with your neo-bank's bank card.
Neo-banks are simply marvels of technological and scientific evolution. Everyone should have an account with a neo-bank for smooth financial transactions.

It Is Possible to Become a Millionaire With YouTube

Yes, it is possible to make a few thousand, even millions of euros with YouTube. The method is simple: soak up the right information and choose a good strategy. There are many different techniques to achieve this. Some business ideas for making money on YouTube.

Getting profits from popular videos

Unlike other social networks, YouTube rewards you for the popularity of your videos. So, to get your first profits on your videos, you must first create a YouTube channel. Then you grow your channel to a certain number of subscribers by posting videos regularly. When you reach one hundred thousand subscribers, YouTube rewards you for your effort. So, for a good quality video with 10,000 views, you can already earn €10. Imagine when you reach millions of views, or even 100 million views! It's up to you to see how much you want to earn monthly or yearly with your business.

Become a Youtuber

Another simple, but time-consuming way is to become a Youtuber to make income on YouTube. However, this involves certain skills such as: knowing how to edit a video, mastering certain areas of IT, SEO. However, the job is basically to work for YouTube for a fee. The work being nothing more than publishing quality content on a regular basis for good SEO of the platform.

Doing affiliate works on YouTube

If you have a YouTube channel, you can monetise it to make money that in the long run could become thousands or even millions of euros or dollars. Indeed, when you have a good audience and know what your audience likes, you can offer them services. By putting affiliate links in your videos or in the comments, you have the possibility to generate commissions on the purchase of services from your audience.
To become a millionaire on YouTube, there are various methods that can be used. Each method requires time and computer skills. It's up to you to choose your business; here's to your success.

SEO: Let's Talk About It

SEO covers the various processes used to improve the visibility of platforms on search engines. It is essential nowadays, which is why it is advisable to get in touch with specialists in the field for better optimisation of your site. To be continued: the need for SEO and the processes used for the natural referencing of one's site.

The Need for SEO

The Search Engine Organisation is very important to generate traffic on its platform. One creates a site to be able to profit from it and the profits come from the conversion of leads generated by the traffic. In order to get a high traffic rate, you must first appear on the first 3 lines of the SERPs when a search is made in relation to the theme of your site. However, to have a chance to stand out from the crowd, you must have impeccable optimisation and great content on your platform. All of this generated by good SEO, it is easy to see the importance of having good SEO.

Processes for Good SEO

SEO is done through a process that involves a number of processes. First of all, the design of the platform, the ergonomic conditions, without mentioning the most important ones, must be analysed. Then comes the study of the content published on the site. This step analyses and improves the articles and videos that have been and will be published on the platform. It also takes into account the performance of the keywords used and optimises them if necessary. Finally, the site must be fully optimised, adding a touch of value for a better popularity of the latter. A good SEO generates a lot of traffic. Moreover, a site with a good popularity and a high natural referencing attracts Internet users.
On the other hand, following this process for an optimal result is not easy and requires specific and diverse skills. It would therefore be wise to call on specialists for the smooth running of your platform.
SEO, the natural referencing of a site in the SERPs, involves certain processes. All this for a more popular website and easy to monetise.

New decisions by Joe Biden, and the EU against Burma

The civil war in Burma, which started a few weeks ago, has taken another very dangerous turn. So the current president of the United States and the European Union have taken new decisions in the UN. In this article, you will find out how these sanctions were taken.

The degree of the war situation in Burma

For weeks now, Burma's military junta has created civil tension in the country that has spilled over into almost every aspect of society. To this end, several politicians and leaders have been arrested and thrown into prisons. The democrats are subjected to outrages, the civilian population is killed every day. Terribly, the junta deploys automatic weapons, live ammunition against civilians demanding democracy, there are about 50 to 555 deaths and arrests. The military use guns and bombs against the democratic population.  During all this time, on Sunday there is a count of 13 people killed by live ammunition. It is in front of this atmosphere that the United States and some international authorities have taken decisions.

The decrees of Joe Biden and the EU against the Burmese junta

Because of the socio-political and economic crisis that the military junta in Burma is sowing in the country, Mr. Joe Biden and the nations of the European Union have in unanimity raised their voices. To silence this war situation in the country. The leader of the White House called the event "terrible" while the EU diplomat in Burma said that the situation is an unacceptable escalation of violence. Thus, they condemned the use of force against an unarmed population. Burma has lost international relations and trade with EU countries. The slowdown in support for the Burmese junta. The United States has stated that the democrats will not be alone in this civil war, but that the United Nations will do its best to preserve peace in the country.

Czech Republic: the death of the richest man in the helicopter

The death of an individual, let alone a great personality like Kellner, puts a whole nation in mourning. It was only on Saturday, March 27, that the population of the Czech Republic registered the death of Kellner, which will put it at half-mast for a long time. Find out in this article everything about such a death,because, this article will take care to give you plausible details about the death of the greatest man of the Czech Republic.

The fortune of Peter Kellner before his death

Kellner, whose real name was Peter Kellner, he was the wealthiest man in his nation, the Czech Republic. Indeed, he had a life full of projects and business until his death on March 27. Moreover, the businessman was 56 years old before he died.  In 2020, a magazine with the name FORBES gave an estimate of Peter's wealth at about 11.5 billion dollars. In addition, Kellner is the boss of the PPF Group, which specialises in financial stocks, biotechnology, telecommunications and real estate services. Not only are his companies worldwide, but they also have a staff of over 94,000. Kellner is the best seller of photocopiers in the world. Telenor in Europe and CME in the Balkans are for him. Peter's fortune still remains unmatched in the nation of Czechia with 11.5 billion dollars.

How did Peter Kellner die?

On March 23, Peter Kellner was travelling for the sale of his photocopiers, reason why he had taken a helicopter that during the flight crashed. Tragically, the businessman with four other businessmen died. However, the causes of the crash are not yet known. He was on his way to Alaska in order to relocate his sales to the United States. Unfortunately, he died. More clearly, the spokesman of JITKA TKODLECOVA said with deep regret that the founder and shareholder of the PPF group tragically died in a helicopter crash in Alaska on Saturday. While Peter died, his daughter was preparing for the Olympic Games.