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Radio lost a great deal when classic drama disappeared in the 1960s.  CBS resurrected the "CBS Radio Mystery Theatre" in the early 1970s and ran it for many years, but today new productions are very rare and usually highly specialized.

I've appreciated radio drama since before it was popular to do so.  I admit to having highly eclectic tastes, but here I've shared a few pieces from my collection for your enjoyment.  Feel free to use the media controls to sample each at your leisure.

Notes On This Material

The purpose of these pages is to share some especially interesting items from my collection.  I'm not selling anything and, as with the rest of DW's JOTD, this is far from a money-making proposition.  I've never used all the disk space or bandwidth I have available for this site, but there is an upper limit.  I'll keep expanding these offerings as long as everyone plays nice, which means that the bandwidth in particular stays at a reasonable level.  If usage becomes excessive I'll have to drop this idea.

As a practical matter, listen to what you want to but don't play the programs repeatedly.



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