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Here are several links to sites that offer humorous material similar to DW's Joke of the Day, or that otherwise I have found useful and worth sharing.  Please understand that no endorsement is expressed or implied as to the views, content, or advertising found on any site listed here.  This is simply my personal list that you may find useful in forming your own reading list.


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  Your source for the books Grandma would read aloud every evening!
Grandma's Book Nook


Grandma Pinkie

Lydia's Pinkie page holds a charming collection of stories, anecdotes, poems, and other fun material.  Take a moment and pay Grandma Pinkie a visit, by clicking the image at your left.

Latter Day Artworks

The Inspired Art of World Renowned Master Sculptor Artist Dee Jay Bawden

DJ is a world rewound Artist who grew up in the sixties and seventies. His life was filled with much joy and disappointment, but growing up he had a constant and deep love for his family, artwork, and most of all the Savior.

The art of Dee Jaw Bawden reaches deep to ones soul and elevate the spirit to a whole new realm. Uplifting and inspiring ones heart and mind as the pure love of the Savior radiated in abundance from each piece.

Anne Bradshaw's LDS Fiction: Featuring Her Book Terracotta Summer

Anne Bradshaw is the first English member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to write fiction about the members of this church in the British Isles.  Below are descriptions of her two books.  You may click on the book's image to purchase the books.

Anne Bradshaw's Terracotta Summer

Terracotta Summer takes the O’Shea family from the security of family life in Manchester, England, and, like the seeds of a dandelion blowing in the wind, disperses them to Scotland, Northern Ireland and across the Atlantic Ocean. The title, Terracotta, symbolizes both the warm stability of clay pots, and the tenacious instincts of the vibrant Terracotta Rock Rose.

Feisty and beautiful young Ruth O’Shea, a strong-willed survivor, leaves Britain in the hope of turning her life around. The rest of the O’Sheas, including adult nephews, Ken and Patrick, have no idea as to Ruth’s whereabouts. They have troubles of their own. Patrick decides not to emigrate to Northern Ireland with his family and begins a downward path that takes him out of his depth. Meanwhile, up in Scotland, his brother Ken faces conflict and trials on a scale he’d never imagined.

Click on the image to purchase the book now!

Chamomile Winter is the fast moving sequel to Terracotta Summer. The herb known as Chamomile, grown in terracotta pots by Rosie O’Shea, is symbolic of that which is healing. Its delicate appearance hides a steadfast ability to grow despite the odds, and when taken as a tisane, warms, restores, and soothes - a fitting contrast to the chilling image of winter.

In like manner, the O’Shea family is in need of reconciliation. Can they overcome the pressure of alarming circumstances? Find out how trials faced by Patrick, who remained in Manchester in the first volume, continue as he faces more anguish from involvement with the Irish Republican Army. Ken, Patrick’s brother, has a new companion on the building site of Southport Chapel, who proves to be even more of a challenge than his Cockney friend in Scotland had been. And when Ruth O’Shea arrives in Southport from America it stirs up a whole new set of complications for Ken.

Click on the image to purchase the book now!

LDS Humor Webring

The LDS Humor Webring collects various humor sites that are totally G rated and family friendly, and that also support and respect LDS standards and principles.  Click on the image below to view learn more about the LDS Humor Webring.

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