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  • DW's Joke of the Day
    Welcome to DW's Joke of the Day!  I hope you'll find something to amuse, encourage, inspire, or simply divert you. There is a large collection of humorous tales, inspirational pieces, and other goodies that you can access using the buttons above. Throughout these pages you'll find material suited to all ages.

    JOTD is a (mostly) daily e-mail message containing humorous anecdotes, stories, puns, and sundry tales that are either submitted by subscribers or pulled from my files. All the material is "squeaky clean" and just the kind of stories you'd tell to your grandmother or your children. As one subscriber put it, "Clean jokes are always the best--chances are that nobody has already heard them."
  • DW's Joke of the Day - Special Messages
    The Inspirational Messages list distributes occasional non-humorous material shared by DW's Joke of the Day subscribers.


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