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The purpose of this page is to invite friends of DW's Joke of the Day to contribute towards its continuation.  I promised myself that I wouldn't include this sort of request with I started JOTD back in 1996, but situations change and, well here I am.  If you've valued JOTD over the years, or if you're new to the service and are looking forward to what's in store, I'd like to ask for your help and give you the opportunity to support JOTD.


I realize you have more than enough places for your money, and that many exceedingly worthy causes are asking for your help (I've supported many of these myself).  Again, I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important.  Please use the "Make A Donation" button if you're so inclined; any amount is welcome.  Over the years I've sustained the service myself, and received many message of thanks as a result.  Recently, however, this has become very challenging, which is why I'm asking for a little help.

The payment system I use is called "PayPal."  If you're unfamiliar with PayPal, this is the leading online payment and donation processing service with over 10 million members and 20,000 participating web sites.  PayPal offers secure transaction processing, so confidential financial data such as credit card numbers are completely protected.  Plus, PayPal put you in control with multiple payment options including major credit cards and electronic debits to your checking account.

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If you have not used PayPal before, when you press the "Make A Donation" button, you will be asked to complete a quick, one-time set-up process that tells PayPal who you are and what payment method you prefer.  

Certain JOTD services are available exclusively to Friends.  I'm grateful that you're among them.  These include video clips and other resource-intense material that it isn't practical to make available to the general public.  If your donation is at least USD $15.00, you'll receive access instructions to the Members Area by e-mail.  

Thanks in advance for your kindness and thank you for helping with JOTD,




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