The Suit

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Out West many years ago the legal system was somewhat underdeveloped and communities had to make do as best they could. One result of this state of affairs was that the judge, lawyers, and participants of a trial were not always evenly matched.

On one such occasion a woman had brought suit against her husband for divorce. It seems that the man had abandoned her and refused all please for support. The case was presented before the judge by an earnest attorney, who made his case in biblical terms:

"Your Honor," he began, "this worthless husband is a most undesirable citizen. He drinks like Lot, sins like Haman, and curses like Balaam."

"The divorce is granted," replied the judge, stretching his knowledge of biblical idiom to the limit,

"and as for his dangerous associates, if they are ever brought before this court I will see that they are punished accordingly ..."