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Two drifters, back in the days of the old west, became so enraged during an argument that they came to blows. After a few minutes knives were produced and it looked as though the situation had turned deadly.

Pecos Bill, the town peacemaker, stepped between them and received an accidental blow to the head. The injury was superficial, but the blood was frightening nevertheless.

Forgetting their differences, the two men sought out the town doctor where they took the injured man for treatment.

"What happened, boys," inquired the doc.

"Pecos tried to stop our fight," confessed one of the men ruefully, "and caught the knife-blade by accident."

"Yup," agreed the other fellow, "and now we're powerful worried that the wound is deep enough to damage his brain."

"No fear of that," replied the old doc crossly. "If Pecos had any brains to begin with he'd have never interfered in the first place ..."