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"Iron Man" Brady and his life-long pal Donovan emigrated from Ireland during the latter part of the last century and took up residence in the west. While Donovan made a success of prospecting and became a respect member of society, Brady became a miller, fell on evil days, and eventually went broke.

Down to his last dollar, Brady sought out his pal and asked for help to restart his business. Donovan quickly agreed, because of their long friendship and "for the sake of the old sod."

After only a few months, however, Brady's mill burned to the ground and he was broke again. Another loan was forthcoming and it wasn't long before the mill was up and running.

It happened sometime later that Donovan received word that his Brady had suffered yet another collapse and was reduced to begging on the streets. Filled with compassion, Donovan sought out his friend and finally found him late one evening, tin cup in hand.

"Iron Man," began Donovan, "And why didn't you come to me, your oldest friend, for help when you needed it?"

"Sure," replied Brady, "I'll be go'in me own way from now on. Every time I start my business, it seems that the fates overtake me and I'm sure to be ruined. 'There must be some reason for it,' I says to me self, and at last I've hit on it. While I've been grateful for all that you've done for me these many years, Donovan, I've decided that you're bad luck to me ..."

-------------A Final Thought ...

"Some folk want their luck buttered."

- Thomas Hardy (18401928), English novelist, poet