Labor Relations

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Many years ago out west, long before you were born, a certain toplofty local fellow had made good and amassed a respectable fortune. To the great amusement of the neighborhood, he had an expensive coach shipped overland from the east and hired an English coachman to tend it.

After some time, his means being not unlimited, the fellow determined to make better use of his resources and instructed the coachman to begin fetching water from the well.

"Sir," objected the coachman, his dignity thus offended, "it is my business to drive, not to be running after errands."

"Well then" said the master, his voice hard as flint, "bring out the coach and four, set the bucket inside, and DRIVE to the well ..."

---------------A Final Thought ...

"Iíve gradually risen from lower-class background to lower-class foreground."

- Marvin Cohen (b. 1935), US author and humorist