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Times had improved somewhat, which resulted in Tad and Buster forsaking part-time employment as road-builders, grave-diggers, and erstwhile day laborers and returning to their primary occupation as drovers.

After several weeks with the herd, both men came to town for a weekend. In contrast with the image typically conjured for drovers, rather than drinking and carousing their fondest wish was for clean beds and a few days rest.

On Sunday they determined to catch up on things religious and made their way to the local congregation. After the meeting, the preacher welcomed them back and inquired what they thought of the service.

"It was fine by me," replied Tad, "But I passed Old Lady Wadburn and she was greatly offended at your sermon against putting on airs and uppity social entertainments."

"Why, I did not point it so directly at her, did I?"

"No," said Buster, "But that's the trouble. "Old Lady Wadburn is mighty jealous of her social position ..."