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Back on the trail with Tad and Buster, two drovers of the old school, we find the boys resting comfortably with the herd. Tad had been telling Buster about his Pa, a renown and spirited fundamentalist preacher in the south for over 40 years.

"Pa was a pious man in every way," remarks Tad, "save perhaps when it came to swearing."

"I never realized he was profane," replied Buster. "How did it come about?"

"Well," said Tad, "Once Pa and his brother-in-law Tex went bass fishing with the family. Pa landed the granddaddy of all large mouth and was just maneuvering the fish into his net when the critter slipped the hook and escaped. When this happened Tex remarked,

'That's a confounded shame.'

"To which Pa replied,

'Yes it is.'

"But I never heard him use such language on any other occasion ..."