Peat Moss

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Not terribly long ago Tad and Buster were compelled to take inside jobs owing to the shortage of cattle-punching, grave-digging, road-building, and other outdoors opportunities with which they routinely busy themselves.

Working in a local hardware store, Tad is waiting on a somewhat irascible lady customer, who is after a bale of peat moss. He has just totaled the sale, whereupon a check is presented in payment.

"I suppose now you'll want some identification," said she.

"No ma'am," replied Tad without the least hesitation.

After the lady had departed Buster inquired,

"Do you know that lady, Tad?"


"Well, why did you let her get away without at least some identification for her check?"

"Buster," replied Tad, "Crooks don't buy peat moss ..."