The Job

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Tad and Buster, two drovers of the old school, were busy repairing a road—an activity they engage in when there isn’t a herd on the trail.

As road-building under any circumstances is a difficult and dirty business, eventually Tad sighs heavily and asks Buster if he'd every had a good job.

“I was cook in a lumber camp when I was a boy,” came the reply.

“That’s peculiar; I never remember your vittles as even approaching tolerable,” Tad responds.

“It was a hard job at that," continued Buster. "I remember once when the men came in after a hard day and were in no mood for delays. I tried as hard as I could, but I couldn’t get supper ready on time. The growling only got worse once they tasted the chow. It was so bad that Boss Hogan himself came to see what was up.”

“’Buster,’ says he, ‘I’m after raising your wages as cook by a hundred a week.’

“’Thank you kindly, Boss,’ says I.

“’And now,’ bellowed Hogan, ‘you’re fired.’”

“Fired?” said Tad. “I never heard of a boss giving a big raise like that a then firing a man on the spot.”

“Well,” said Buster, he explained it like this:

“’That’s so you’ll always be remembering what a good job you just lost ...