The Guide

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Out west not long ago Tad and Buster, two drovers of the old school, were comparing their respective finances one afternoon. With demand for cowboys somewhat weak presently, the boys have of necessity broadened their work horizons. Tad, for his part, has been hard at work marketing his services as a wilderness guide.

"Did you get the job to take that fellow out next week," Buster inquired.

"No, I believe he decided not to make the trip after all. He was a dude, and seemed like he didn't have the temperament."

"Should have been good money in it," Buster continued. "What was it that broke his courage?"

"Well," Tad explained, "He asked what I would do if he should break a leg way up in the mountains, he being a big man and all. I told him about that deer I took up where we were going last year. Big fellow he was. Weighed about as much as that dude."

"Didn't that settle him?"

"It seemed to, but then I explained how I took the deer out in three pieces ..."