The Answer

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Tad and Buster, two drovers of the old school, were hard at work digging a grave--employment they frequently turn to when not involved with a herd.

"'Taint no one died of late, at least that I know of," commented Tad.

"It's old man Lundigan's grave," said Buster. "Doc couldn't help or even say what was wrong with him."

"He's not dead yet," replied Tad. "Only yesterday I heard that Lundigan's kin insisted on three high-priced big city doctors. They huffed and used a bunch of high-sounding words that nobody understood, but in the end they said everything would be all right."

"'Taint so simple," said Buster. "I got the story from Lundigan. He said the talked about how it were no use worryin' or arguin' about the case, because the autopsy would given them the answer ..."