Social Security

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The elderly lady was careful about her daily errands and never deviated from a long-established schedule. Unfortunately, whenever banking was required, this brought her to the bank during the height of the afternoon rush and a substantial wait was inevitable.

With Social Security check in hand, the woman took her place in a long line. Being a naturally nervous and impatient sort, she inadvertently began to nervously fold and unfold the check.

When her turn came at last, the ruffled check was presented to the teller.

Scrutinizing it carefully, the teller began in a fairly harsh and scolding tone,

"Madam, can't you read this check? It says, `Do not fold, spindle, or mutilate.'"

"So?" replied the old woman.

"Well," continued the teller, "You shouldn't do that. The government doesn't like it."

The senior looked him squarely in the eye and replied, with her sternest no-nonsense voice,

"My boy, the government does many things I don't like, too."