If You Say So ...

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Here in suburban Virginia, we are perilously near environs where the "yuppyish" mindset is far less entrenched. Not long ago a State Trooper, typically assigned a territory in the cosmopolitan northern part of the state, was sent further south near the old Confederate capitol of Richmond. Some of the districts there are, shall we shall, less "polished."

Stopping his first violator, the trooper began,

"Good Morning sir, I'm Officer Smith and I would like to see your driving permit in reference to a possible violation of Article 21-707, probable stop sign infraction."

The burly man in the car looked at the Policeman, and said,

"Huh ?"

Repeating his small speech, the officer was met with the same response. Then he said,

"Listen pea brain, you ran that stop sign back there, now give me your license before I drag your sorry frame out of that bucket of bolts and find it myself."

The motorist nodded and reached for his wallet.

"Oh. Well, sure, son. Why didn't ya say so in the first place ?"