Railroad Trip

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Back in the old country, two strangers were traveling in the first class compartment of a railroad car. After a long and tedious journey, one of the travelers lighted a cigar.

"Can't you see the sign," the other said with great indignation. "Smoking is not allowed here."

"Yes, I know," replied the other calmly, as he continued to puff away.

"Look, mister, either you stop smoking or I'll call the conductor."

"Don't bother me," replied the boorish man, blowing a large cloud of obnoxious smoke.

The enraged traveler immediately summoned the conductor and made his complaint: "This compartment is reserved for non-smokers," said he.

The smoker calmly replied that it was not he who was violating the rules. "This other fellow is traveling in a first-class compartment on a second-class ticket."

The accused passenger turned pale and hastily left the compartment without another word.

When the train arrived at its destination the two met again on the platform. The curiosity of the non-smoker overcame his rage.

"Are you a clairvoyant?" he asked. "How did you know that I had a second-class ticket?"

"I'm not clairvoyant," replied the cheery smoker. "I saw a corner of your ticket in your pocket and it was the same color as mine ..."