Talking Parrot

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An lady is looking to purchase a pet for companionship, and so goes to the local pet shop to purchase a cat or such. However, when she arrives, she is intrigued by the beautiful parrot on a perch by the counter.

"Will this parrot talk?" she asks the owner.

"Oh yes, this parrot comes from a long line of excellent talkers. In two weeks, he will be mimicking your speech like he's having a conversation with you." The lady excitedly purchases the bird in a large cage (for a handsome fee) and takes it home. Two weeks later, she comes into the store.

"This bird you sold me hasn't said a word!"

The owner looks puzzled. "I can't understand it, that is our best talker. He should talk when he swings. "

"What? You didn't sell me a swing!" The owner happily sells her a swing for the bird's cage. But, two weeks later, she returns with the same complaint.

"I really can't understand it, he should talk after exercising on the ladder," the owner says. Frustrated that he didn't tell her this before, she buys the ladder. Two weeks later ...

The owner says, "something is wrong, because when he climbs on the stairs, and gets on his swing, and looks into the mirror, he definitely should be talking!" She buys the and in 2 more weeks ...

In she walks with the cage, containing the swing, ladder, mirror and the much-distressed parrot.

"Here's your sick bird and all the junk you sold me ."

The owner is dumbfounded.

"Lady, this is the first parrot that has ever come back. "Hasn't the parrot said any words at all?"

"Well, now that you mention it, he did, say one thing,"

"He said, 'Doesn't, that, shop, sell... Bird food?"