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After many years of wanting a parrot, a fellow finally acquired a somewhat aged and dusty bird.  The bird sat quietly for several days, so much so that the new owner began to wonder if it could talk.

One day, being Jewish, the fellow was sitting in a chair near the bird cage and began reading from the Bible in Hebrew.  Much to his amazement, the bird started reading from the same text--all in perfect Hebrew.

"Are you Jewish," asked the owner.

"Yes," replied the bird, "and orthodox too.  "What's more, I want to attend Temple this week and read from the scripture."

The man immediately related this event to his friends, all of whom were equally amazed.  It wasn't long before doubters began taking bets that the bird would actually read.  Interest was so keen that even the Rabbi took a small position for himself.

The much awaited day finally came and, as many expected, the bird sat in total silence throughout the service.

As soon as he was home the owner confronted the bird:

"It's the end for you, parrot.  How could you embarrass me so!"

"Look," replied the bird.  "In a few weeks is Yom Kippur, the holiest day of our faith.  I shall attend with you that day and not only read, but sing the hymns with the rest of the congregation."

"Why should I trust you again," came the reply.

The bird's response was equally crisp: "Just think of the odds you'll get ..."