Navy Retirement

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After 30 years of sea duty, the old chief at last longed for a simpler life and so, when the occasion presented itself, he left the service and retired to a small farm. With him went his life-long pet parrot, a formidable old bird with a disposition to match the chief.

First morning at 0430, the parrot squawked loudly and proclaimed,

"Reveille, Reveille. Up all hands. Heave out and trice up. The smoking lamp is lighted, now Reveille"

The old chief, more than a bit annoyed but prepared to make allowances, said,

"We ain't in the Navy no longer. Go back to sleep."

The next morning, the occurrence repeated itself.

"If you keep this up," snarled the chief, "it's the chicken coop for you".

True to his word, the next day the parrot found his way to the chicken coop.

About 0630 the morning after that, the Chief was awakened by a ruckus in the chicken coop. Immediately investigating in case a fox was in the area, he found that the parrot had about 40 white chickens at attention in formation. To the side, the parrot was lecturing three Rhode Island Reds with these words,

" ... and when I say fall out in dress whites, you can be sure that's what I mean!"