I Warned You

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A recent widow is feeling lonely after the death of her husband so her friends suggest that she buy a pet for companionship. She goes to the pet store and the owner suggests a parrot. This way, she can feel like she's carrying on a conversation and not feel so lonely.

The widow takes the parrot home, hangs the parrot's cage in the sun near a window, lines the bottom with newspaper, fills the food dish and puts the parrot in the cage. Once the parrot is in the cage the woman says to it, "I have only one rule. I like to keep a clean house. So you had better keep your cage clean and not make a mess in the living room or you go in the freezer for 15 minutes. Do we understand each other?" The parrot replies that they do.

Life goes well for about six months until one day the parrot is feeling very cocky. The widow has been gone all day and the parrot is bored. He begins to preen at his feathers and before he knows it, he's made a mess of his cage and the floor below. The widow comes home and she's furious. She takes the parrot to the kitchen and says, "I warned you. Make a mess and it's in the freezer for 15 minutes." She promptly puts the parrot in the freezer and shuts the door.

15 minutes go by and the widow opens the freezer, takes out the parrot and says, "I hope you've learned your lesson. Am I going to have any more trouble out of you?"

The parrot replies, "No, I've learned my lesson. Just one question...

What did the chicken do?"