Costly Parrot

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A fellow innocently wandered into the local pet store and notices three identical-looking parrots on a perch. The clerk, noting his interest, comments,

"The parrot on the left costs $500."

"Why does the parrot cost so much?" asks the customer.

"Well," began the clerk, "Parrots are exotic birds and therefore expensive, but this particular parrot knows how to do legal research."

The fellow then asks about the next parrot, to be told that this one costs $1,000.

"Because," explains the clerk, "It can do everything the other parrot can do plus it knows how to write a brief that will win any case."

Naturally, the increasingly startled customer asks about the third parrot, to be told that it costs $5,000. Needless to say, this immediately inspires the question, "What can it do?"

"To be honest," replies the clerk, "I've never seen him do anything ... but the other two call him the Senior Partner."