Bad Investment

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Not long ago a fellow was telling his tale of woe to his friend, a long-time bird enthusiast:

"I bought a parrot recently," said he, "But it was a bad investment ... doesn't say a word."

"It should," replied the other, "I have several that talk quite well, as you know. "What have you bought for it?"

"A cage; what else?"

"Birds must be kept occupied," the expert replied. "You have to buy a little ladder on which it can hop up and down. "It needs a swing, and little seed cakes. "Then, once you have these things in place, it will talk."

"I didn't know," the fellow responded. "Thanks for the information."

Some weeks later the new bird owner again met his friend. "Your advice didn't work out," said he. "I've had to put hundreds of dollars more into the parrot."

"How could that possibly be?" the bird enthusiast asked.

"Well, I bought the ladder and the seed cakes, but I couldn't find a swing. "When I finally found one I had to rearrange everything in the cage, but I finally got it in. "Next morning, I found the bird injured at the bottom of the cage and he's spent a week at the vet."

"But did he ever talk?" asked the expert.

"Just as I was carrying him off to the vet," the fellow concluded, "He did say one thing: 'Who moved the ladder' ..."