The Pageant

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The two youths were aspiring actors and the pressure of the holidays was rising. The Christmas pageant held try-outs and both competed for the coveted part of Joseph. When the part went to one the disappointment felt by the other was inevitable, and was not diminished by his receiving the far smaller role of the innkeeper. Over the coming weeks the disappointed boy plotted his revenge.

At the performance all was progressing as planned. Joseph and Mary arrived at the inn and Joseph knocked at the door. Stepping back, he awaited the time-honored response,

"There's no room at the inn."

The disgruntled innkeeper had plotted his revenge carefully. With open arms he pulled back the door and proclaimed,

"Come In! I'll give you the best room in the house."

Joseph stared at the innkeeper. Not pausing at all, his training took hold and he improvised accordingly. Pondering the inside of the inn through the door he responded,

"No way am I taking my wife into a place like this. We'll sleep in the stable."

The pageant was then back to normal.