New House

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In recent years one can observe growing numbers of folk from the major cities who find that the "simpler life" appeals to them more and more. Often such people sell their expensive property and relocate to obscure Western locations, where the cost of living is lower and their inflated city property values can buy a considerably ostentatious house.

One such fellow found himself contemplating a new home in a rural Idaho location. For the project he had engaged a local contractor to "foreman" the job.

"I've got the plans right here," began the city fellow, "you can read a blueprint, can't you?"

"Oh, I can read a blueprint," said the local man, unrolling the plans. "And I can see a big mistake already. You can't build this house like this."

"Certainly I can," replied the newcomer with great dignity. "These plans were drawn by the best architectural firm in California. I want to you follow them exactly."

"Well," the contractor shrugged, "you're the boss; but I'm warning you right off ... you're going to end up with two bathrooms ..."

----------------A Final Thought ...

"There is nothing good to be had in the country, or if there is, they will not let you have it."

- William Hazlitt (1778-1830), English essayist