The Maid

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The new maid was finally hired. As help was exceedingly hard to come by, the fact that she had more or less "voluntarily" left the company of her last two employers did not injure her references beyond repair. Now the maid was secure in her position with the Kelly family of Philadelphia.

It happened that a lavish party had been planned for the daughter, Grace, and her husband Prince Rainier. As the maid was herself an Irish woman and clearly set in her own ideas as to what polite society expected, Mrs. Kelly went to extremes while instructing her for the party.

"Above all," said she, winding up her instructions as to dress, "don't wear any jewelry."

"Jewelry, is it? Sure and I don't have any," replied the maid, "but it's thankin' ye I am for the warning ..."

----------------A Final Thought ...

"One of the most considerable advantages the great have over their inferiors is to have servants as good as themselves."

- Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616), Spanish writer