Theatre Guild

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Ma's increasing interest in things cultured was not immediately popular with Pa, who's view of literacy extends about as far as reading the paper once a week--whether he needs to or not.

Ma hears of a Theatre Guild that sponsored monthly lectures some distance from their place.  Determined to attend, she instructed Pa to check the meeting time before they set out.  This naturally aroused Pa's contrary spirit.

"Pa, have you called the Theatre Guild yet?"
"No, Ma.  We don't know any Theodore Guild."
"It ain't a person, Pa.  It's an organization.  It's THEATRE GUILD."
"I told you, Ma.  There's no Theodore Guild in this county."
"Not Theodore ... THEATRE.  The word's THEATRE.  T-H-E-A-T-R-E."
"Woman, you need more book-learning.  That ain't the way Theodore is spelled."