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There has been a bit of a disturbance at Ma and Pa's place recently.  Ma is tired of Pa's never remembering anything.  It's not that old age is at work--he's been that way for 40 years.  the problem is that he just doesn't pay attention.

Unfortunately, Ma's years are showing some and it just won't do for both of them to be forgetful.  So, she determined that Pa just has to start writing things down.

One evening Pa got up from staring at TV and said he was going to the kitchen.

"Do you want anything," said he.

"Yes," replied Ma, "I would like some ice cream."

As he set off Ma continued, "Write it down."

"I can remember ice cream," says Pa.

"But I also want strawberries on my ice cream. Write it down."

"I can remember ice cream with strawberries."

"But I also want whipped cream on the strawberries."

Pa was off without writing it down. He was gone for a while and when he came back, he was carrying bacon and eggs.

"Now see what you've done?" says Ma. "You forgot the toast ..."