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Again we pay a visit to Ma and Pa, whose activities we occasionally visit in these pages. Ma has waited for several weeks for her childhood friend Bea to arrive for a visit. Having not seen Bea for over 50 years, there was clearly considerable catch-up to be done.

At last the great day arrives and Ma settles down to the business of conversation and commences by telling Bea of her family, her ongoing struggles with Pa and his eccentricities, her children and their problems, and the trials all face because of their grandchildren.

"Now Bea," Ma continues, "I want to hear everything about your family."

"Said to say," says Bea, "My husband has long since gone to his reward, and we had no children, so I have no grandchildren either."

Ma says, "No Man, no children? ... and no grandkin? So tell me, Bea, what do you do for aggravation?