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Ma and Pa, whose activities we monitor occasionally in these pages, have had some extra time on their hands of late. This is usually cause for Ma to undertake special visits to their assorted friends and relations.

Not long ago Ma induced Pa to drive a considerable distance to visit the Gunthers. Pa has known Earl Gunther since they were boys. Earl's sustaining character trait over the years has been a tenuous hold on reality. In his later years, however, that hold has become shaky indeed and Earl had taken to visualizing himself as famous historical characters.

Upon arriving at the Gunthers they are greeted by the Mrs., and Pa announces that he is going to visit Earl.

"I'd be warned before you went in there, Pa," Earl's wife admonishes. "For the last few weeks Earl has thought he's Moses, and it can be a bit trying."

Appropriately warned, Pa seats himself in Earl's room. Earl, a dignified man with an appropriate long white beard, is seated in a chair looking thoroughly bemused.

"You're Moses," inquired Pa.


Not knowing exactly how to proceed, Pa decides a pointed question may induce Earl to give up his recent fixation.

"I've read some of your biblical writings," said Pa, "and there's a subject I'd like to discuss with you ... the Creation. When the Bible the world was created in six days, does that mean a literal six days or some other time measurement?"

"Please forgive me," replied Earl, "But I never like to talk shop ..."

---------------A Final Thought ...

"I really am the meekest and mildest of men since Moses (though the public and mine 'excellent wife' cannot find it out)."

- Lord Byron (1788–1824), English poet; referring to Numbers 12:3: “Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth.”