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Back with Ma and Pan, whose undertakings we occasionally visit in these pages, we find the old couple looking for some of Ma's distant and deceased relations in an area cemetery. Ma has suggested that Pa make a trip to the caretaker's office for help in locating her uncle Elmer Gregg's grave

"It must be marked," responds Pa. "Elmer was a rich man."

"I can't find it anywhere, Pa," Ma replies. "You'll just have to ask."

Reluctantly Pa departs on his errand and reappears some minutes later.

"Ma, you've made some kind of mistake. There's no Elmer Gregg buried here at all. Just a Mary Gregg."

"That's him," said Ma. "He always put everything in his wife's name ..."

---------------A Final Thought ...

"Man is a noble animal, splendid in ashes, and pompous in the grave."

- Sir Thomas Browne (160582), English doctor, author. Urn Burial, ch. 5 (1658)