The Gift

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There was a considerable disturbance recently at Ma & Pa's place.  On Ma's birthday a few days ago Pa was brought home in a police car. Ma met the young officer at the door, whereupon he explained that Pa must be getting a bit feeble as he was wandering in the park and couldn't remember the way home.

When the officer was gone Ma confronted Pa:

"Now see here, old boy," said she, "You've been going to that park for 50 years. "Why is it that today you can't remember your way home?"

"I was just too tired to make the walk," replied Pa.

Later that same evening, when Ma had recovered from this embarrassment, it became clear that Pa had arranged no present for her birthday.

"Well, Pa," Ma began, "Not only do you shame me by hoodwinking a lawman into driving you home, but you can't even expend the energy to remember my birthday. "At least you bought that miserable cemetery plot for me last year."

"That's the point," replied Pa. "You don't even use the gifts I give you ..."