Foreign Cars

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A man was innocently driving past Ma and Pa's place not long ago when his engine suddenly stopped running.  The narrow country road was deserted and hope of rescue seemed dim.

The fellow opened the hood and pondered the situation at some length.  Since he was anything but an expert on cars he tried starting the engine a few times with fairly poor results.
Just then a voice was heard behind him,
"It's the fuel injection system."
Turning quickly, the fellow saw no one.  The sole sign of life was an old and disreputable cow standing on the other side of the fence.  Looking around he still saw no one, when the voice spoke again,
"It's the fuel injection system."
His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open.
"Why are you standing there like a fool," said the cow, "Check the fuel injectors."
The man backed away and swallowed hard.   Remembering the farm house he passed some distance back, he made his way quickly in search of help.  Upon arriving at Ma and Pa's place he found them engaged in knitting and whittling, respectively, on the porch.  Neither one showed the slightest reaction when he ran up to them.
"Your cow," said he, "My car's had trouble and your cow said it was the fuel injection system."
Without looking up Ma responds, "What kind of a car did you say it was?"
A little surprised, the man explains,  "A Toyota, why?"
"Pay it no mind," says Pa, also without looking up, "That beast don't know nothin' about foreign cars ..."