The Dispute

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It seems that Pa has made the rather lengthy trip to visit his lawyer and requested a change in his will.

"Let me see if I have this straight," the lawyer began. "You and Ma recently engaged in a dispute centering in your potential acquisition of certain "sure-fire" sweepstakes tickets."

"That's so," said Pa.

"During this dispute," the lawyer continues, "several vile and contentious statements were made, among these Ma's repeated assertion that one day she would 'dance on your grave.""

"That's what happened," replied Pa.

"And as a result of this assertion," the lawyer concluded, "you desire to amend your will."

"I certainly do," said Pa.

"Now see here, Pa," says the lawyer, "In this state it is normally impractical to exclude your spouse from your will entirely."

"That's not the point," says Pa. "What I want to do is stipulate absolutely that I must be buried at sea ..."