Lion's Share

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A lion, a donkey, and a fox were once hunting. It had been a good day and the time had come to divide the proceeds. Wearily, the lion spoke,

"Friend donkey," said he, "Divide the spoils of our hunt into three parts, one for each of us."

The donkey did so, producing three parts of amazingly equal size. Whereupon, the lion promptly made away with the donkey and added him to the pile. "Friend fox," said he, "Divide these proceeds into two parts, one for each of us."

Whereupon, the fox put everything together save one crow, which he put to one side. Said he, "Do you, friend lion, have this for your half, and the crow shall be my half."

The lion smiled broadly and said,

"Well done, friend fox, but who taught you to divide so cleverly into equal halves?"

"The donkey," replied the fox.

---------------A Final Thought ...

"Never trust the advice of a man in difficulties."

- Aesop (6th century BC), Greek fabulist: Fables, “The Fox and the Goat.”