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The newly married young man was much addicted to sport and outdoor activities of all description. His new wife longed to participate with him in every way, although her understanding was seriously lacking in many ways--so much so that an observer might come to the conclusion that she was deliberately trying to sabotage his sporting life.

The fellow had embarked on a major hunting expedition that he had planned for months, his wife at his side. Though the elusive game were small, many other hunters were in the area, so the husband cautioned his wife carefully about the necessity of extreme caution when firing.

He and the missus were separated by some twenty yards or so when he heard a shot. Running to his wife's side, he found her smiling broadly and pointing to the bushes.

"I don't think I hit it," she announced triumphantly, "but must have come close. Just listen to the complaining ..."

----------------A Final Thought ...

"Two things only the people anxiously desire, Bread and the Circus games."

- Juvenal (40125), Roman satirical poet