The Geese And The Frog

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The frog was feeling more than usually self-important one day. Having previously determined that a change of scenery for himself was in order, he was perplexed as his means were non-existent and he felt it beneath his dignity to expend the energy required to bring the change about.

Not long thereafter he came upon two geese who were heading south for the winter. After a bit of fancy talk he persuaded the birds to stretch a long blade of grass between them. The frog took hold of the blade in his mouth and the birds were off.

After some time another bird happened along and proclaimed,

"That's a wonderful idea. Who thought of it?"

The proud and vainglorious frog replied,

"I did."

When he thus opened his mouth he naturally fell to his death.

Moral: When you have a good thing going, it's best to keep your mouth shut."