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In 1952, after some considerable persuasion, U.S. president Harry Truman finally persuaded Adlai Stevenson (1900-1965) to seek the Democratic nomination. The campaign got off to a rocky start, however.

It seems that Stevenson stayed overnight at the White House and was put up in the Lincoln Room. He wandered about the room, gazing with awe at the things in it, unable to bring himself to lie in the bed.

He finally spent the night on the sofa, unaware that the bed was not part of the room's furnishings in Lincoln's day--but the sofa was.

Not long thereafter Stevenson was confronted by an enthusiastic woman supported, who remarked,

"Governor, every thinking person will vote for you."

"That isn't enough," replied Stevenson, "I need a majority ..."

----------------A Final Thought ...

"In America, any boy may become President, and I suppose that's just the risk he takes."

- Adlai Ewing Stevenson (1900-1965), US statesman