Road Signs

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Prohibition was the law of the land, but comic actor W.C. Fields and a friend had heard that an acquaintance on Long Island, New York had just received two cases of contraband spirits. They drove to his place and promptly put a considerable quantity of drink beyond reach of the law.

About dawn they started for home, taking several bottles to refresh themselves along the way. Several hours later they remarked on the surprising length of Long island, but kept going. Occasionally they stopped for gas and asked the attendants how far it was to the Queensboro Bridge, but were met only with blank stares of laughter.

Eventually the men found themselves in a hotel room. Fields was sleeping, but his friend noted a palm tree outside the window and went for a newspaper. From the front page he learned they were in Ocala, Florida.

Shaking fields awake he exclaimed,

"We're in Ocala, Florida!"

"I always said those Long Island roads were poorly marked," replied Fields.

----------------A Final Thought ...

"We are never so ridiculous through what we are as through what we pretend to be."

- François, Duc de La Rochefoucauld (1613–80), French writer, moralist