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Ouida was the pen name of romantic English novelist Marie Louise de la Rame (1839-1908). Her work experienced some renewed interest in recent years, owing to her popular children's book, "A Dog of Flanders" (1872). Most of Ouida's tales involved fashionable characters taken from the aristocracy. A prolific and extremely popular writer, Ouida never suffered from false modesty and enjoyed the chagrin of "serious" authors whose success was but a shadow of her own.

Once, when another popular author asked the secret of her popularity, she paused, grew deadly serious and then confided:

"I am the only woman who knows how two dukes talk when they are alone ..."

---------------A Final Thought ...

"A cruel story runs on wheels, and every hand oils the wheels as they run."

- Ouida (Marie Louise de la Rame), (1839-1908)