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Andrew Jackson (1767-1845), US military commander and 7th President of the United States, once presided as judge in a small Tennessee town in 1798. A notorious bad man called Russell Bean was in the area and created a disturbance outside the courthouse.

The sheriff was unable to arrest Bean single-handed and attempted to form a posse. None wanted to take part in tackling the heavily armed and dangerous Bean, who proclaimed that he would shoot the first person to come within ten feet of him.

Jackson has been called many things over the years but a coward he was not. Taking his pistols he walked through the crowd, coolly confronted Bean and commanded,

"Surrender this instant or you're through."

To everyone's amazement, Bean eye Jackson for a moment, then meekly allowed himself to be lead away.

When later questioned as to why he had allowed himself to be cowed by Jackson, Bean replied,

"When he came up I looked him in the eye, and I saw shoot, and there wasn't any shoot in any other eye in the crowd. So I says to myself, says I, hoss, it's about time to sing small, and so I did."