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In honor of Bob Hope, born 100 years ago (May 29, 1903), it is fitting that we share a few lines about his remarkable career. Although Hope is among the smoothest and most professional of performers, much of his material is highly topical and timely, and doesn't play well in these pages. He also prefers short lines rather than lengthy tales.

In the collection of anecdotes told about Hope, this incident comes to mind which, on good authority, actually happened.

Hope was and remains a very popular movie and radio performer, and also spent considerable time on the stage. On one such occasion, he used the very old line about his theatrical accommodations:

"The hotel room where I'm staying is so small that the rats have rounded shoulders."

The hotel proprietor was not amused, however. The next day he confronted Hope's manager and threatened suit for damages. Hope agreed to take back the remark, which he did at the beginning of his very next show, as he announced, with his customary skill,

"I'm sorry I said that the rats in that hotel had rounded shoulders. They don't."

---------------A Final Thought ...

"The pay isn't right. Besides, Dolores wouldn't want to move to a smaller house."

- Leslie Townes (Bob) Hope (b. 1903), US comedian and actor, explaining to Johnny Carson on "The Tonight Show," why he had personally declined to run for president.


"Thanks for the Memory"  -  Bob Hope & Dorothy Lamour (1938)

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You're listening to "Thanks for the Memory,"
performed by Bob Hope & Dorothy Lamour in
Hope's first major motion picture role:
"The Big Broadcast of 1938."

The song became Hope's signature tune throughout his career


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