The Governor

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While Governor Wilson of Kentucky was housebound last winter, owing to a strained tendon in his leg, he was attended by a butler who had been general factotum to many governors, and who was a source of much pleasure among the State House attaches.

The lame leg caused the governor to move his office temporarily to the mansion, where he received many delegations. On one occasion Mrs. Wilson had waited luncheon for thirty minutes, and she told His Excellency that he must come down and eat with her.

"My dear," said Mr. Wilson, "just as soon as I see that delegation of men downstairs, I'll be with you."

Mrs. Wilson was determined, and said told the butler, "You go down and tell them to wait."

The governor frowned as that worthy started off to obey the mistress of the mansion ..."You know who is governor, don't you?"

"Yes, sir," grinned the butler, with seeming innocence, "yes, sir, I'll go down and tell the gentlemen to wait, sir."