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Jackie Gleason (1916-87), US comedian and actor, had high and low points during his career, as is frequently true of performers. Once, in his early days, Gleason had his residence at a modest local boardinghouse.

Finding himself financially embarrassed to the point that he could no longer pay the rent, he devised a way of evading the landlady in order to seek new accommodations. Gleason packed his belongings into a suitcase, which he lowered out his bedroom window into the arms of a waiting friend. Thereafter, he walked pleasantly out of the house in his swimming trunks, headed for the beach.

Many years later, after his success was firmly established, Gleason was anxious to pay off his debts. Returning to the boardinghouse he confronted the landlady, who immediately recognized him and stepped back in horror as though she had seen a ghost.

Recovering her composure, she exclaimed,

"Oh my; we thought you were drowned ..."

------------------A Final Thought ...

"Popularity? Itís gloryís small change."

- Victor Hugo (1802-85), French poet, dramatist, novelist