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Bing (Harry Lillis) Crosby (1904-1977) died 25 years ago (2002), so perhaps most people have an excuse for not knowing how popular he really was. Even those of us who remember him probably forgot. Bing was highly successful both as a popular music singer and an actor. His 1942 recording of Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" remains among the highest selling pieces of music ever recorded (surpassed, however by his recording of "Silent Night.)"

Once at the apex of his career, Bing was engaged in an interview and the question was put as to how, despite what was going on around him, he was able to maintain the calm, unruffled air that was his trademark.

Carefully, Bing reached into his pocket and produced a thick roll of large denomination notes.

"This helps a lot," said he.

"Just One More Chance" - Bing Crosby (1931)

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You're listening to "Just One More Chance,"
the first solo recording broadcast on radio by Bing Crosby,
September 2, 1931


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