Bad Harvest

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Not long ago a visitor passing through a certain rural community devoted considerable energy to burdening everyone he met with tales of his especially worthy and ancient family. Not only were the fellow's ancestors apparently on hand to tether the boat when the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts, but it seems that most every worthy in unbroken retrogression on this side of Adam was somehow counted as fruit on his family tree.

At last one rustic, fearful that distinguished recruits from among the pre-creational inhabitants of Chaos and the Formless Void were about to emerge, offered the rejoinder,

"So much the worse for you; as we ploughmen say, 'the older the seed the worse the crop.'"

-----------------A Final Thought ...

"They talk about their Pilgrim blood,
Their birthright high and holy!
A mountain-stream that ends in mud
Methinks is melancholy."

- James Russell Lowell (181991), U.S. poet