The Baby

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This piece comes to me anonymously.

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I am very protective of my daughter's baby girl, as every proper grandmother should be. One spring afternoon I dropped by to see my grandchild. My daughter and a friend had taken the little girl for a walk in her stroller and were just coming up the street.

As soon as they reached me, I bent down to admire the baby and, in my fussiest voice, remarked,

"Your little head is cold. You should have a hat on."

My daughter looked knowingly at her friend and said,

"You owe me ten bucks ..."

-----------------A Final Thought ...

"I'll bet your father spent the first years of your live throwing rocks at the stork."

- Groucho (Julius) Marx (1895-1977), US comedian, actor; from the Marx Brothers motion picture, "At the Circus."